Terms and Conditions

I. Business user account

1. Information appearing on a property page (eg: hotel, hostel, apartment etc.) is provided solely by the administrators of the business account.
2. Business account user will display only public information and data necessary for other users to complete a reservation.
3. Business user account is solely responsible for the management of its legal rights and copyright on the texts provided on the website.
4. The owner of the business user account is solely responsible for listing and promoting a property on the website. The owner shall ensure that the data provided is true and accurate. Otherwise www.RomaniaTonight.ro team may suspend the account in case of suspicious activity (cases of fraud etc.) and www.RomaniaTonight.ro team will report the issue to the authorities.
5. Prices on the website will be displayed in full format which includes VAT and other possible charges.
6. Phone numbers, email addresses, web addresses or social networking links will be filled in only in the fields specifically designed for such types of data.

II. User account

1. RomaniaTonight.ro offers to business user accounts (Property Owners) virtual space designated to advertise their location.
2. The property (bookable unit) is administered exclusively by its owner through an administrator account using an extranet authentication.
3. RomaniaTonight.ro team is checking each location registered but cannot guarantee and cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of data entered by their owners.
4.In case of any abuse caused by a property or location owner he/she will be solely responsible and will be held accountable in accordance with the laws of Romania regulating the activity of tourism laws regulating fair competition and laws regulating false advertising but also the laws regulating the copyrights aspects.
5. RomaniaTonight.ro team will continue to conduct activities to identify and eliminate from the system locations that do not comply with the terms and conditions.

III. Costs

The presence on RomaniaTonight.ro involves an annual publishing fee and provides you the best services you can get online. In addition, your page will be SEO optimized for optimal search engine ranking and will also be promoted on our Social Media accounts. For more information please contact us!